ISB Bearing China Co., Ltd.

Quality guarantee and efficient service for bearings and industrial components supply.

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Quality guarantee and efficient service for bearings and industrial components supply.

The italian expertise goes overseas.

ISB Bearing China is the commercal division, founded in China in the early 90s and updated in 2014 to answer the ever growing requirements of Italian industry, which has been transferring production to Asian companies for a number of years.

A pioneering company which understands the importance of having a technical base close to the most important large manufacturers: a choice which has allowed the development of high quality levels and certification of products and supply. In parallel, it has taken care of the South East Asia resell market, introducing the ISB brand to important local dealers.


ISB Bearing China can therefore:

  • supply a reliable product and excellent service, offering itself to the best manufacturing enterprises in the area;
  • guarantee traceability of the product through continuous controls on the production line;
  • offer techincal assistance to customers through a fully equipped metrology laboratory;
  • supply manufacturers from warehouses in the same area as their production units;
  • satisfy the planning requests of OEM customers with safety margins in stock and the Kanban/Just in Time service;
  • supply a full range of products which aimes to create a one-stop-shop for manufacturers’ and resellers’ technical/purchase offices;


Within ISB Bearing China is present a measurement laboratory, in which the specialised Process Control technicians and engineers are based. The company seeks to guarantee reliability of source in line, the certification of processes and products, the monitoring of quality standards to applicative tests, such as exposure to loads, life test cycle, a test in a controlled environment.

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